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Stu & Linda are entering a new part of their life and Deer Crossing will change in some small ways. We wish to spend some more time travelling and spending quality time with our grandchildren. Basically the main change will be the 2nd "B" in B&B... No breakfast and we may not be here with a marching band to greet you! There will be both cabins available and two rooms in the main lodge available. Call us and we'll discuss your plans and needs. The property will always be the same fun place to stay and BBQ's, picnic tables, pond will be there.

There are thousands of folks that have stayed with us over the years that have become not only guests but lifelong friends (Those folks just call Stu and nothing will change - promise!). There are still many new people that will have the ability to visit our beautiful property and the incomparable Bitterroot Valley. The peace and quiet of Deer Crossing will be here for you to enjoy with your families, friends and pets (Dogs and horses – always welcome).

Linda and I will always be around to help you find your way around Montana and to share a glass of wine. Be sure to read on regarding the cabins and the property.  In certain cases, rooms in the main house may be offered after discussion, but again, not as a B&B. Just give us a call at (406) 363-2232 and we will discuss your requests and needs.

Call us or book on-line. We will be glad to work with you to insure that the Bitterroot Valley and “The Cabins at Deer Crossing” are as memorable as is Montana, “The Last Great Place”.



Stu & Linda Dobbins




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